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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category
1867BugClosedMediumPLEX is 8 versions out of date. 9.12.18TheGeebscpg11/24/2015 08:32 AMApps
1809BugClosedMediumTime Machine Volume size resets after backupdeathstarzdeathstarz09/09/2015 02:40 PMApps
1333BugClosedMediumplex media server hal1968hal196805/08/2014 07:50 PMApps
1300BugClosedMediumAmahi Time Machine is not reporting correct Apple Volume Sizevegaramos102/14/2014 05:07 AMApps
1209BugClosedMediumDLNA App broken - Amahi 7.1 (Fedora 19)doaserver02/03/2014 08:04 AMDLNA
1091BugNewMediumservers should be created (and started) after running the install scriptcpgcpg08/18/2013 04:20 PMApps
1044BugClosedMediumGreyhole Versionbigfoot65cpg01/25/2014 08:16 AMGreyhole
988BugClosedMediumqBittorrentachmetinternet11/24/2012 03:53 PMApps
864BugClosedMediumsugarCRMmciv11/18/2011 04:59 AM
859BugClosedMediumPassword Length Bugjritchie01/25/2014 08:37 AMplatform
767BugClosedMediumphpmyadmin - fail to install if database existssag4701/25/2014 08:39 AM
243BugClosedMediumAjaXplorer error - must set correct charset encodingBowey01/25/2014 08:57 AM
216BugRejectedMediumavast! home edition installation problem - f10andypflueger05/28/2009 06:43 AM
190BugClosedMediumGallery 2 - Install bugcharlesghopkins01/25/2014 08:58 AM
111BugClosedMediumweird box around fields in the fold-out box of iHama themescpg01/25/2014 08:59 AM

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