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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category
2405BugNewLowCosmetic issue: SMART Status app is truncating contents of "Basic Health Check" columntaa07/20/2019 02:15 PMApps
2345FeatureAssignedLowNew app request - Organizrmodem7bigfoot6509/28/2018 06:12 PM
2336FeatureNewLowSickbeard is out of datemodem707/30/2018 03:43 AM
2335FeatureNewLowSonarr is out of datemodem707/30/2018 03:42 AM
2334FeatureNewLowCouchpotato out of datemodem707/30/2018 03:42 AM
2185SupportClosedLowOpenVPN updatejustinglock40justinglock4003/28/2017 06:02 PMApps
1979BugClosedLowfamily connections has syntax errorscpgbigfoot6503/06/2016 05:07 PM
1734BugClosedLowamahi-plexmattmancpg08/11/2015 01:04 PMDLNA
1650BugAssignedLowroundcube has no info on how to login or what the server field iscpgbigfoot6504/30/2015 03:31 AM
1340SupportFeedbackLowCUPS: BETA Test Reportladdhouseladdhouse04/07/2014 06:53 AMApps
873BugClosedLowNeed to install java when installing subsonicrothgarbigfoot6511/17/2011 10:24 PMApps
751FeatureClosedLowJoomla 1.6smystakibigfoot6501/06/2015 07:43 PMApps
742BugClosedLowCrashPlan Server Displays Incorrect State on HDA Dashboardjammastercd01/25/2014 08:42 AMApps
701SupportResolvedLowVideos5 stuck encodingsjsoto01/08/2011 07:36 PMApps
527BugClosedLowGreyhole stops when two instances try to write to the DB at the same timegboudreau01/25/2014 08:49 AMGreyhole
505BugClosedLowTransmission server installed & disabled generates emails every 5 minutesgboudreaugboudreau04/11/2010 03:01 AMApps
444BugRejectedLowDLNA Server listed in Dashboard with broken linkbvone2102/18/2010 07:43 PM
237BugClosedLowegroupwaregjc100001/25/2014 08:57 AM
165FeatureClosedLowAdd toolbar frame above web apps with links to HDA tools for that appspatialguru01/06/2015 07:55 PMUI

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