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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category
2416BugClosedNormalAmahi 11 default installation creates /home partitionbt10711/02/2019 04:37 AM
2296BugClosedNormalqbittorrent fails to installdadditudecpg04/27/2018 02:46 PM
2259BugClosedUrgentMariaDB error during Amahi 10 Installbigfoot65bigfoot6506/19/2017 04:08 PM
2180BugClosedNormalhttpd failing with Syntax error on line 40 with AMD CPUscpgcpg11/07/2016 01:56 PM
2069BugClosedNormalfound an interesting tool to keep up with system updates - rpmconfcpgcpg06/18/2016 05:00 AM
1937BugClosedNormalhow do people make USB sticks bootable?cpgcpg05/09/2016 01:38 PM
1879BugClosedUrgentAmahi 8 HDA Platform Ruby Dependency Issuebigfoot65cpg11/25/2015 02:54 PMFedora 21
1871BugClosedNormalSSH Issue with Fedora 21 Minimal Installbigfoot65cpg05/09/2016 01:38 PMFedora 21
1701BugClosedNormalOpenDocMan Testingrhglassrhglass05/31/2015 02:03 PMFedora 21
1654BugClosedNormalUnable to install Amahi 7 on fedora 21rhglasscpg07/11/2015 07:56 AM
1647BugClosedNormalnew mysql PID location causes monit to try to restart mysql repeatedly forevercpgcpg04/25/2015 12:55 AMFedora 21
1089BugClosedNormal32-bit installation not possible (or no instructions for completing it) on Amahi 7.PatrickDickey08/18/2013 12:29 PM
945BugClosedHighShared folders have been created but are not displaying in the dashboardachmetinternetcpg03/28/2017 06:28 PM
641BugClosedLowTypo in express fc13 installerspatialguruslm499609/23/2010 02:22 PM
558BugClosedNormalExpress CD ImportError: /usr/lib/ 11:07 AM
514BugClosedNormalFail more gracefully if the time zone is not setcpgcpg05/05/2010 01:13 PM
481BugClosedNormalOn Ubuntu hdactl service will not start.anzenkethanzenketh03/22/2010 01:05 PMubuntu
465BugClosedHighinstaller crashes with a core dumpcpgcpg03/05/2010 02:42 PM
410BugClosedMediuminstaller - amahi-installer -f creates 2 sets of config variables, prevents applications from appearingpantharcpg01/13/2010 05:53 PM
368BugClosedHighamahi-installer in F12 betakhelmarcpg03/18/2010 09:20 PM
16BugClosedHighVPN is misconfigured with a silly error in 64-bitsgmwcpg04/03/2009 02:09 AM

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