From 05/03/2009 to 06/01/2009


04:45 PM Bug #230 (Closed): PBA Database install error
Installing amahi-pba-1.0-1.noarch
DBI connect('database=demo_development;host=localhost','root',...) failed: Can't c...
04:31 PM Bug #228 (New): iHama Candy Shares Bug
Text shown when creating a share are not visible. bsk


05:52 PM Bug #221: Subsonic
rampage355 wrote:
> cleared cache, installed subsonic, not installing correctly.
Bigfoot65 has similar


01:16 PM Bug #222: Sabnzbd 503 Error
Also get the same thing on a fresh install.
Fedora 10 on i686.
11:48 AM Bug #222 (Closed): Sabnzbd 503 Error
When install Sabnzbd it gives off a 503 Error, even on a fresh install of f9 and hda Anonymous
01:15 PM Bug #219 (Closed): iHama Candy theme text color
12:06 PM Bug #219: iHama Candy theme text color
Fix is to edit the theme:
correcting the definition
#latest_news_content a
to read
#latest_news_content tabl...
11:36 AM Bug #219 (New): iHama Candy theme text color
07:30 AM Bug #219 (Closed): iHama Candy theme text color
Had to uninstall and reinstall. Back to normal. bsk
07:23 AM Bug #219 (Closed): iHama Candy theme text color
Text for news on home page (http://hda) is not visible.. bsk
12:04 PM Bug #223 (Closed): Phplist DB error 1146
Installed with no errors, but looks like a DB issue. Anonymous
11:19 AM Bug #220 (Closed): iHama Candy theme text color in Apps page
07:49 AM Bug #220: iHama Candy theme text color in Apps page
Text not visible in app description in http://hda bsk
07:34 AM Bug #220 (Closed): iHama Candy theme text color in Apps page
Text in apps section of this theme are nearly unreadable. bsk
10:50 AM Bug #218: avast! Antivirus
check immediately after this in the app install log
06:41 AM Bug #218 (Closed): avast! Antivirus
Problem with log saying the app has been installed, but is nowhere to be found on the users machine. This bug has onl... bsk
08:28 AM Bug #221 (Closed): Subsonic
cleared cache, installed subsonic, not installing correctly. Anonymous


06:00 AM Bug #215 (Resolved): vnstat documentation
10:05 PM Bug #215: vnstat documentation
The reason the command has to be run twice is in the comments of the script.
The first time the command is ran it cr...
08:02 PM Bug #215: vnstat documentation
The question is, why is the script:
vnstat -i eth0 -u
Run twice in the scripts.
08:00 PM Bug #215 (Closed): vnstat documentation
These are the lines as per WIKI
Creates the /var/lib/vnstat/eth0 file with root:root:
vnstat -i eth0 -u
chown vn...


12:58 PM Feature #209 (New): Vuze (called Azureus)
I don't know if it is possible, but i like to see Vuze as one click aplication. I like Vuze because it has a automati... marcel
03:16 AM Bug #206 (Closed): Subsonic default music share folder
under special instructions 'The default HDA music share is automatically setup by the Subsonic installer' it isn't
02:29 AM Bug #189: Service temporarily unavailable
I have had the same problem. Installed and reinstalled today and apart from changing file location seems to be running dieseldes


07:08 PM Bug #189: Service temporarily unavailable
I have un-installed and re-installed, subsonic is not working at all. Goes to a firefox error, address not found. Tri... gjc1000


03:30 PM Bug #189 (Closed): Service temporarily unavailable
see attached screenshot, access and error log. I have been getting a 503 Service temporarily unavailable error from a... gjc1000


12:27 PM Bug #186 (Closed): Subsonic uninstall script doesn't stop prior instances
cpg modified script to properly list default Music folder.
Now need the uninstall script to kill off old instances...


01:27 PM Feature #143: Ampache
needs to be updated from 3.4.4 to 3.5 Anonymous
02:39 AM Feature #158: Gaming Heaven
also, please note that i see this error in the log when installing this app:
mv: cannot stat `unpack/*': No such f...
10:12 PM Feature #158: Gaming Heaven
this app looks good. my kids discovered it now, hehe :)
i would change the logo to make it a bit more recognizable...


12:24 PM Feature #169 (Closed): portaNEO
Done, portaNeo should be working now! ;) Ryu
12:05 AM Feature #169: portaNEO
Thank you for submitting this error :)
Will fix this when getting home ;) 9hours from now ;D
06:08 PM Feature #169: portaNEO
I also got sent to that url and got the 404 error gjc1000
05:08 PM Feature #169: portaNEO
When trying to install i get sent to this url which gives me a 404 not found ...
02:23 AM Feature #138 (Closed): POSH
02:22 AM Feature #138 (Resolved): POSH
portaNeo is the "enterprise" (still opensource) version of "POSH" for intranets ;)
POSH itself made some problems wh...


04:27 PM Feature #169 (Closed): portaNEO
Portaneo Enterprise Portal offers an integrated enterprise portal solution, personalizable, collaborative and mobile. Anonymous
12:55 PM Bug #168 (Closed): Adding Webcal as a webapp
i tried to add webcal using the "New Web App" function and hda setup page, which it added i found that i had done it ... chilliman


09:18 AM Feature #143: Ampache
These are issues with Jinzora (no one has mentioned them with Ampache -- yet?
Maximum execution time they recommen...

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