From 12/09/2014 to 01/07/2015


07:57 PM Feature #158 (Closed): Gaming Heaven
No longer supported. bigfoot65
07:54 PM Feature #240 (Closed): Testing of updates for previous apps.
No longer valid. bigfoot65
07:52 PM Bug #218 (Closed): avast! Antivirus
No longer valid. bigfoot65
07:50 PM Feature #131 (Closed): Gallery 3
App is live in Amahi 7. bigfoot65
07:50 PM Feature #142 (Closed): Adito
Resolved. bigfoot65
07:49 PM Bug #144 (Closed): Coppermine Photo Gallery
App is in testing. bigfoot65
07:49 PM Feature #147 (Closed): Slideshow
This is done with various Amahi apps. bigfoot65
07:49 PM Feature #149 (Rejected): PBA
07:48 PM Feature #155 (Closed): AVG Antivirus
No longer valid. bigfoot65
07:48 PM Bug #186 (Closed): Subsonic uninstall script doesn't stop prior instances
07:47 PM Bug #186: Subsonic uninstall script doesn't stop prior instances
Corrected. bigfoot65
07:48 PM Feature #157 (Closed): WikkaWiki
No longer valid. bigfoot65
07:47 PM Bug #168 (Closed): Adding Webcal as a webapp
Completed and app in testing. bigfoot65
07:47 PM Bug #189 (Closed): Service temporarily unavailable
No longer valid. bigfoot65
07:46 PM Bug #206 (Closed): Subsonic default music share folder
Corrected. bigfoot65
07:46 PM Bug #230 (Closed): PBA Database install error
App is deprecated and no longer offered in Amahi. bigfoot65
07:45 PM Bug #221 (Closed): Subsonic
No longer valid. bigfoot65
07:45 PM Bug #452 (Closed): GParted and Clonezilla display URLs implying that they are webapps
Corrected in Amahi 7. bigfoot65
07:44 PM Bug #233 (Closed): Subsonic browser error after fresh install
07:44 PM Bug #536 (Closed): ajaxplorer will not allow creation of new directories of files in the main sha...
New version of app released. bigfoot65

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