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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category
2414BugNewNormalFlex TV (Phlex)CurlyLizard10/09/2019 07:49 AM
2382BugClosedNormalHome Assistant error after reinstall home assistantrhglass02/24/2019 01:28 PMApp
2375BugClosedNormalHome Assistant share / Webpagerhglassrhglass07/01/2019 08:16 AM
2083BugClosedNormalTimemachine fails to start after reboot and, probably, stops by itself after a couple of weeksbolarbolar07/23/2016 06:27 AMApp
1631BugClosedNormalRainLoop Package Testingnorthridgegrpbigfoot6503/14/2015 05:28 PMApp
1280BugClosedNormalNew ownCloud Release: Version 6.0.1northridgegrpnorthridgegrp02/01/2014 07:15 AMApp
1061BugClosedNormalNew Release: Transmission V2.8.1supermoutonbigfoot6508/02/2013 09:51 AM
1060BugClosedNormalNew Release: SubSonic V4.8supermoutonbigfoot6508/01/2013 11:30 AMApp
998BugFeedbackNormalamahi-netboot does not appear to install on amahi for Ubuntushusterg12/22/2012 07:06 AMApp
980BugClosedNormalownCloud hangs on installingmattman12/03/2012 03:12 AM
847BugClosedNormalAmahi Energy Savermattmanbsk07/03/2011 10:37 AMApp
711BugClosedNormalSMF installationsmystaki01/08/2011 08:19 AM
708BugNewNormalkmotion installation smystakibigfoot6501/09/2011 01:29 PM
707BugClosedNormalSMF installationsmystakibigfoot6512/29/2010 05:57 PMApp
640BugClosedNormalThe Bug Genie - Installer don't workmberrio09/24/2010 05:17 AMUtility
585BugNewNormalMythTV - Default storage group not setOldi07/25/2010 09:09 AMMedia Server
536BugClosedNormalajaxplorer will not allow creation of new directories of files in the main shares (books...movies...)jamesward01/06/2015 07:44 PMUtility
509BugResolvedNormalAmahi Web-Apps Proxy passwordBaggedTaco04/22/2010 04:08 PM
452BugClosedNormalGParted and Clonezilla display URLs implying that they are webappspheitman01/06/2015 07:45 PM
428BugClosedNormalPHP recipe book logindayer4b02/19/2010 09:07 AMUtility
320BugClosedNormalKnowledgetree generates errors when uploading or viewing filesboomerang5610/01/2009 08:19 PM
293BugClosedLowWebChess "Your Links" link in upper rightkhelmarbigfoot6503/19/2010 05:04 AMApp
290BugClosedLowphpMan install?khelmar12/15/2009 08:20 AMUtility
262BugClosedNormalsuperadmin link is missing from torrentflux-b4rttfbox07/27/2009 12:54 AM
236BugNewNormaliHama Candy PBA Pagebskgmw06/06/2009 02:20 PMTheme
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