From 06/25/2014 to 07/24/2014


11:35 PM Bug #1489 (New): plugin to manage netboot settings
netboot is a good tool, however, it's hard to configure manually. cpg
11:26 PM Bug #1488 (New): plugin for setting up or managing rsnapshot
rsnapshot is a brilliant tool for backups. it's efficient, reliable, and it's really sophisticated.
a plugin to ma...


02:45 PM Bug #1487 (New): Mail Sending capability as a plugin
There is some guidance in the wiki for adding capability to use the HDA to send email. One for using Gmail as the SM... bigfoot65


04:22 PM Bug #1481 (New): Virus Scan Shares
This would be a nice one for a plugin. Make shares selectable to be virus scanned using ClamAV Antivirus. Would nee... bigfoot65


10:07 AM Bug #1480 (Closed): Add WOL Capability to Clients
Need a plugin to add the Wake on Lan capability to Amahi 7. In Amahi 6, any client with a fixed IP could be woke up ... bigfoot65
04:38 AM Bug #1479 (New): plugin idea: hooks for shutdown and power-up
i have a ddwrt router and i like to shut down my HDA at nights, especially in the summer, due to power consumption.


12:22 AM Bug #1459 (New): plugin idea: AES as a plugin
Amahi Energy Saver as a plugin. cpg
12:21 AM Feature #1458 (New): plugin idea: SMART disk monitoring
provide information about S.M.A.R.T. parameters like errors, warning, etc. for all disks in the system cpg
12:12 AM Feature #1457 (New): plugin idea: recover databases that were previously saved
this is perhaps best in the db backup plugin per se cpg

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