From 07/16/2014 to 08/14/2014


12:51 PM Feature #1529 (New): UPS Backup Plugin
We need an application for managing UPS Backup devices. There are repo packages that could be incorporated, such as ... bigfoot65
12:15 PM Bug #1528 (New): new plugin idea: set alerts when storage (or temperature) get past a limit
the UI would be some sort of "slider" (or a text box) where the user sets the level of alert. past that level, the us... cpg


11:12 AM Bug #1495 (Closed): Database Backup Plugin
App was released. Will open a new bug as a feature request update. bigfoot65
11:09 AM Bug #1519 (Closed): Greyhole UI Install on 64-bit
Issue is resolved. User installed new version and everything is working as designed.


05:19 PM Bug #1519: Greyhole UI Install on 64-bit
this update has been released (for 32 and 64 bits -- incidentally this has nothing to do with 64 bits). cpg


04:02 PM Bug #1519: Greyhole UI Install on 64-bit
I installed the RPM on my test machine with no issues. I will ask him to do this as well and report results if that ... bigfoot65
03:59 PM Bug #1519: Greyhole UI Install on 64-bit
he appears to have greyhole as well. try to install this ... cpg
03:56 PM Bug #1519: Greyhole UI Install on 64-bit
There are:
@Transaction check error:
file /etc/cron.weekly/greyhole conflicts between attempted installs of amahi...
03:42 PM Bug #1519: Greyhole UI Install on 64-bit
... cpg
03:27 PM Bug #1519 (Closed): Greyhole UI Install on 64-bit
Appears to be a problem when installing the Greyhole UI app and the user manually installed Greyhole using the wiki t... bigfoot65


06:44 PM Bug #1495: Database Backup Plugin
I know many of these may be hard to implement, but maybe for future upgrades. It would be nice if the databases coul... bigfoot65
06:40 PM Bug #1495: Database Backup Plugin
Is the intent of the database plugin to download the file? Has sending the file to a share been considered? Maybe opt... bigfoot65
05:52 PM Bug #1495: Database Backup Plugin
Ok it installs fine. Tested with MediaWiki. When I select MediaWiki under database backup tab, it prompts me to sav... bigfoot65


04:30 PM Bug #1495: Database Backup Plugin
Solved. Bigfoot65 please if you can test again that would be great! agmps17
03:58 PM Bug #1495: Database Backup Plugin
No that was the original install. I never uninstalled it.
03:44 PM Bug #1495: Database Backup Plugin
bigfoot65: Did you uninstall the webapps plugin and installed it again afterwards??
I had a doubt that if you unista...
02:54 PM Bug #1495: Database Backup Plugin
According to the error file attached, it seems that webapps plugin is installed twice. how could this be? agmps17
02:48 PM Bug #1495 (Assigned): Database Backup Plugin
08:56 AM Bug #1495: Database Backup Plugin
Not sure if this is on my end or the plugin, but did a refresh on my VM and tried to install the database backup firs... bigfoot65
07:59 AM Bug #1495 (Closed): Database Backup Plugin
I installed Disk Stats, then Web apps followed by Database Backups. When it finishes, the dashboard crashes.
I ge...


11:35 PM Bug #1489 (New): plugin to manage netboot settings
netboot is a good tool, however, it's hard to configure manually. cpg
11:26 PM Bug #1488 (New): plugin for setting up or managing rsnapshot
rsnapshot is a brilliant tool for backups. it's efficient, reliable, and it's really sophisticated.
a plugin to ma...


02:45 PM Bug #1487 (New): Mail Sending capability as a plugin
There is some guidance in the wiki for adding capability to use the HDA to send email. One for using Gmail as the SM... bigfoot65


04:22 PM Bug #1481 (New): Virus Scan Shares
This would be a nice one for a plugin. Make shares selectable to be virus scanned using ClamAV Antivirus. Would nee... bigfoot65


10:07 AM Bug #1480 (Closed): Add WOL Capability to Clients
Need a plugin to add the Wake on Lan capability to Amahi 7. In Amahi 6, any client with a fixed IP could be woke up ... bigfoot65
04:38 AM Bug #1479 (New): plugin idea: hooks for shutdown and power-up
i have a ddwrt router and i like to shut down my HDA at nights, especially in the summer, due to power consumption.

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