From 04/04/2014 to 05/03/2014


07:22 PM Feature #1360 (Closed): Proxy Api/Client
After Carlos' comment I agree that PFE should be separated since there will always be a single call to it (e.g. PUT /... megabitdragon


01:34 PM Feature #1360: Proxy Api/Client
i did not look at the code, so i cannot make any assertions of what should be done.
but i will clarify that the PF...
11:08 AM Feature #1360: Proxy Api/Client
Look at the bug #1218 as well. My point is to keep the PFE API for determining addresses and the Server API for opera... ming
11:00 AM Feature #1360: Proxy Api/Client
PFE API != Relay API. At least it is not clarified that the PFE server can operate as the Relay server and vice versa... ming
10:48 AM Feature #1360 (Assigned): Proxy Api/Client
Please make the changes in the api as well for consistency. megabitdragon
11:57 PM Feature #1360 (Closed): Proxy Api/Client
Just merged them. I split them before to keep separate but keeping together makes more sense in a perspective. ming
12:18 PM Bug #1351: oAuth simplified protocol
great to hear it's implemented.
assigning to me to get into the API docs.
11:01 AM Bug #1351: oAuth simplified protocol
If it was kind of implemented—can we close the issue? Maybe it would be better to place it at the documentation the f... ming
11:10 AM Bug #1211: Amahi specific logging
Disabling logging for releases is of course possible. What kind of logs do you wish to have? HTTP headers or somethin... ming


02:52 PM Feature #1360 (Closed): Proxy Api/Client
What is the point of having a separate class for detecting the mode (local/remote). Since the calls are made to the P... megabitdragon


11:13 PM Bug #1356: formatting of timestamps
this has been updated in the API docs v0.9. cpg


03:48 AM Bug #1356 (Closed): formatting of timestamps
03:29 AM Bug #1356: formatting of timestamps
We use a format called TimeFormat in Go. It is like RFC1123 but hard codes GMT as the time zone. it's used commonly f... cpg
02:46 AM Bug #1356 (Closed): formatting of timestamps
The documentation shows modification time for files as “2010-04-10T14:10:01-07:00” which is ISO 8601 I suppose.


05:12 AM Bug #1211 (Assigned): Amahi specific logging


05:28 PM Bug #1351 (Assigned): oAuth simplified protocol


03:26 PM Bug #1351 (Closed): oAuth simplified protocol
POST "/api2/oauth/token" with a body containing the following in the body... cpg
03:09 PM Bug #1350 (Closed): testing 1 2 3
please the workflow document we created for the workflow that works for us: cpg
02:25 PM Bug #1350 (Resolved): testing 1 2 3
02:25 PM Bug #1350 (Closed): testing 1 2 3
testing to see if you guys can see this bug updated. please confirm by closing this bug. cpg

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