From 05/28/2012 to 06/26/2012


06:51 PM Bug #931: Static IP Address
cpg will determine as bugs are racked and stacked. bigfoot65


03:51 PM Bug #931 (Assigned): Static IP Address
Currently, assigning a static IP to a MAC address isn't working. It still gets an IP from the normal DHCP pool. smccloud
12:14 PM Bug #924: mount_shares_locally Script
Please see attached script. It will check to see if the current directory is equal to printers or print$ and delete ... smccloud
11:16 AM Bug #924: mount_shares_locally Script
The problem is, the script is trying to mount the printers & print$ share when you can't actually mount them. I am a... smccloud


04:06 PM Bug #929: RPM Apps Convert to DEB
Add IPsec VPN to the list of apps that need worked. bigfoot65
02:13 PM Bug #929 (Assigned): RPM Apps Convert to DEB
-1. Amahi Sync-
2. VNC
3. Amahi Tunes
4. Amahi Netboot
5. IPSec VPN
01:15 PM Bug #865 (Closed): Error when install on Ubuntu
this has been resolved quite a while ago eFfeM
01:15 PM Bug #831 (Closed): apps that need different deps in ubuntu (e.g. php-gd vs php5-gd)
830 is closed and phproject installs fine so closed this one.
suggest to file new bugs if something needs an additio...
01:07 PM Bug #920 (Closed): Drupal wants php5-gd
verified this; installs fine so closed eFfeM
01:03 PM Bug #830 (Closed): App Depends Method for DEB/RPM
12:51 PM Bug #544 (Closed): hda-create-server needs update
hda-create-server does not exist any more... eFfeM
12:50 PM Bug #538 (Closed): install-app doesn't work
installing apps works nicely; not sure when/how this got fixed; closed eFfeM


03:12 PM Bug #924: mount_shares_locally Script
This is the error reflected when restarting the script:
* Unmounting locally mounted Samba shares... ...


10:48 PM Bug #924 (Assigned): mount_shares_locally Script
07:19 PM Bug #924 (Closed): mount_shares_locally Script
The guidance in the wiki needs updated to reflect Ubuntu procedure as well. It is a different script file and there ... bigfoot65


02:46 AM Bug #910 (Closed): File Sharing Issue
this has been resolved in the latest releases of the repo (for about a week or two now).
the files area is now own...


06:03 PM Bug #920: Drupal wants php5-gd
Added php5-gs to the depends. Overlooked this one somehow. Should be working fine now. Recommend this be closed. bigfoot65


06:22 PM Bug #920 (Closed): Drupal wants php5-gd
Installed Drupal and it can be seen by the internet.
However, Drupal reports:
@PHP extensions Disabled
Drupal r...

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