From 08/25/2012 to 09/23/2012


08:15 AM Bug #935 (Closed): sabnzbd install fails
Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation. bigfoot65
08:10 AM Bug #935: sabnzbd install fails
I have just un-installed the test version, rebooted and now installed the live app. everything seems to be working co... guerilla
07:53 AM Bug #935: sabnzbd install fails
Sorry, this is running on the ubuntu version. I have not tried with rebooting in between uninstalling and reinstalling. guerilla


05:54 AM Bug #935: sabnzbd install fails
Please look at /var/log/amahi-app-installer.log file for errors. I just tested and it appears to be working for me.
05:33 AM Bug #935: sabnzbd install fails
Just installed now, still get the 500 error. These are the last couple of bits from my log in the hda panel


03:16 PM Bug #935 (Feedback): sabnzbd install fails
03:16 PM Bug #935: sabnzbd install fails
I made one change to the app. It should work now. bigfoot65
09:39 AM Bug #935: sabnzbd install fails
Is this install on Ubuntu? Also please check the install log for errors. bigfoot65
09:38 AM Bug #935: sabnzbd install fails
going back to the update test I get the same error. copying my backed up version over the files works fine. maybe thi... guerilla
09:27 AM Bug #935: sabnzbd install fails
Just got round to moving over to sabnzdb plus (rather than the update test version). Install goes fine but trying to ... guerilla


02:48 AM Bug #942: monit
Disabling the watchdog and stopping the OpenVPN server does not reduce the monit load, it still pulses to 60% psu. I ... guerilla


07:06 AM Bug #942: monit
no idea yet what is wrong. installed crashplan and openvpn but I do not get a high monit load.
crashplan settings ar...
06:05 AM Bug #931: Static IP Address
smccloud wrote:
> cpg wrote:
> > We have released an update that should fix this problem. Please update (or let it ...


01:19 PM Bug #929: RPM Apps Convert to DEB
I've created a rough installation script that will install and configure the inetutils-inetd and the tftpd-hpa packag... steven


04:47 PM Bug #829 (Closed): when upgrading hdactl, service is not restarted
Closing based on recommendation from EFfeM. bigfoot65
11:15 PM Bug #942: monit
Thanks for the report
due to some other issues I did not have time to further look into this, but I'll pick it up a....
11:12 PM Bug #962: NTP Not installed....
we should add ntpdate to the list of packages to install initally
left it as assigned to cpg, but time permitting I'...

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