From 02/19/2009 to 03/20/2009


10:42 PM Feature #78 (Closed): offer the option for apps to default to not show in the dashboard
even for apps that have webapps, the owner may want to not list it by default. cpg
10:04 PM Feature #76 (New): Use personal domain instead of provided domain
When setting up an amahi server, it would be nice to be able to use your own domain instead. nesl247
09:44 PM Bug #74 (Assigned): Multiple source url's in app creation
There should be support for using multiple source url's. The easiest way that I can think of doing this is this forma... nesl247


01:42 PM Bug #39 (Closed): "Add to" buttons on /apps page need help
At least in Safari, all the buttons appear in a row across the top of the list instead of beside each entry. Screens... spatialguru

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