From 06/15/2009 to 07/14/2009


04:58 PM Bug #84 (Feedback): Make mediawiki use mod_rewrite
11:30 AM Bug #84 (Closed): Make mediawiki use mod_rewrite
Doing this with the current setup broke things. Leaving it for now. bsk
11:58 AM Bug #256 (Feedback): Link to FB group, Digg and Forums
"Another way to help is by linking to this web site! Blog about Amahi, about your experience, tell the community how ... bsk
11:24 AM Bug #255 (New): Contributor page heading linked missing.
When you go to Community >> Contribute, it shows the header without a linked text (shown in first image).
The corr...


11:36 AM Feature #254 (New): App Developement Field Descriptions
Fields in the My Apps section for App tags as well as keywords need to have a more indepth description on how to sepe... bsk


12:30 AM Bug #249 (Assigned): Application webpage displays alpha for a live application
when an app is created, an "anchor" is created for it.
in this case, both having the same prefix (modulo a space),...
09:32 PM Bug #249 (Assigned): Application webpage displays alpha for a live application
The page for phplist shows Alpha for the app even though it is a live application.
It also displays the name as "php...
09:31 PM Feature #248 (New): Need a way to delete apps from the contributor section
I have created a few applications that I do not need anymore. A way to delete them would be great. essary


02:09 AM Feature #242 (New): new fields for apps: license, download size and resources
two fields should be added to the apps.
license: just text (for now) for contributors to put the license for the a...

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