From 09/23/2009 to 10/22/2009


02:21 PM Feature #195: allowing local links in firefox
should be possible yes, building a firefox extention that changes a few things shouldn't be to hard i think...
02:08 PM Feature #195: allowing local links in firefox
thanks for the tip.
is there a way that this could be packaged as a plugin or a single file that the user can inst...
05:37 PM Feature #195: allowing local links in firefox
As im familiar with this matter and firefox in general i would suggest that people should NOT install the plugin. it... ichat


06:25 PM Bug #346 (Feedback): Embed external images in the wiki.
Since the update, the option to embed external image link into a page (ie show an image on the page from an external ... bsk


06:44 PM Bug #345 (Feedback): App installs need to be broken down by application
The applications install counter on the contributor section needs to be broken down by application that way contribut... essary


01:01 PM Bug #268 (Closed): Drive temperature not working properly in LVM partition schemes
To the best of my knowledge, this is fixed. essary


12:53 PM Feature #326 (New): Contributors field to have edit and non edit checkmarks.
I was brainstorming on this, and sometimes you don't want a user to be able to edit the app, but test it wile still i... bsk


12:07 AM Bug #321 (Feedback): Website Menu's
The main website menus are difficult to navigate. Unless you move straight down off your main choice before moving s... mangus580

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