From 01/22/2010 to 02/20/2010


05:11 PM Feature #78 (Closed): offer the option for apps to default to not show in the dashboard
This has been completed, if the app is a we-app you will get a check box that you can enable/disable the app from lis... Anonymous


01:41 PM Bug #92 (Feedback): create sponsors page
we already that a page
Did we want to add anything else?
01:23 PM Bug #346: Embed external images in the wiki.
I am still getting just a link to the file itself instead of it embedding the image in the page. bsk
08:06 AM Bug #346 (Feedback): Embed external images in the wiki.
BrandonK1989 can you check on this and report back Anonymous
01:19 PM Bug #409: Forum login redirects to a 404 page.
The only way to view the default theme is to change it to default for all users, as your not actually logged in yet t... bsk
08:02 AM Bug #409 (Feedback): Forum login redirects to a 404 page.
BrandonK1989 have you tried testing with the default theme to see if this is theme related? Anonymous
09:35 AM Bug #256 (Feedback): Link to FB group, Digg and Forums
can we add this to 5.2? Anonymous
08:42 AM Bug #321 (Feedback): Website Menu's
what is the status? Anonymous
08:10 AM Bug #345 (Feedback): App installs need to be broken down by application
Is this in the plans for a future release? Anonymous
07:55 AM Bug #411 (Closed): App Installs Counter is Broken
app counter working, closing Anonymous


08:48 AM Bug #357 (Closed): Blog has old IRC link.
blog link to IRC has been updated to a new web IRC application Anonymous
08:45 AM Bug #167 (Closed): star rating does not work
star rating is working Anonymous
08:43 AM Bug #87 (Closed): feedback from one user
feedback should be sent through the feedback link at the end of the installation guide on Anonymous
08:40 AM Bug #7 (Closed): Send us your feedback link does not work
Send us your feedback link and form works fine. Anonymous


07:54 PM Bug #426 (New): keep track of bugs for apps
we should make it easier to attach bugs to apps and keep a history of bugs for them, that way we can track things better cpg

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