From 06/29/2014 to 07/28/2014


01:10 PM Feature #1505: Amahi Sync Hook for Application Configurations
Very similar to this request:
08:02 PM Feature #1505 (New): Amahi Sync Hook for Application Configurations
Write a hook for developers to identify configuration/database files so that they may be synced with Amahi sync. Thi... lassenloop
07:57 PM Feature #1504 (New): Install Apps from Website
Apps should be installable from the amahi website. Simliar to Google Play for Android. lassenloop


05:52 PM Bug #1494: Amahi Documentation
Yea I remember. I think I did voice over for one of them :)


04:24 PM Bug #1494: Amahi Documentation
last summer i roped my son into producing them, and also into documenting a little the process we followed to produce... cpg
04:22 PM Bug #1494: Amahi Documentation
Excellent idea. We can do both, but the videos need to be done now obviously before the help disappears :)
I will...
04:15 PM Bug #1494: Amahi Documentation
We started ... maybe they need to be featured more?
and we could do more of them -- we have a...
04:12 PM Bug #1494: Amahi Documentation
I think it could be much like this wiki page:
Someone started t...
04:10 PM Bug #1494: Amahi Documentation
What kind of format are we looking to put this in? Are we wanting to put it on or are we wanting to ma... bsk
04:00 PM Bug #1494: Amahi Documentation
Yes that page is helpful. I think what I am looking for is to create like a quick start guide or users guide as we s... bigfoot65
03:03 PM Bug #1494 (Feedback): Amahi Documentation
i did start a "plugin": wiki page.
overall, we do know we need to organiz...
07:55 AM Bug #1494 (Feedback): Amahi Documentation
We really need to work on our documentation for new users. It is scattered all over between forums, web site, and th... bigfoot65

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