From 01/18/2015 to 02/16/2015


03:55 PM Bug #1624: Forums
The Top link on the bottom left side of a post appears to do nothing. When selecting it, there is no noticeable chan... bigfoot65
03:53 PM Bug #1624: Forums
In the Active Topics area, if a post has multiple pages it does not display the pagination. This was present with th... bigfoot65
03:52 PM Bug #1624: Forums
Pagination appears to work in the search results, but is awkwardly displayed. It also displays page # of # and selec... bigfoot65
03:49 PM Bug #1624 (Closed): Forums
The following issues are present since the uprade of phpBB to 3.1:
A. Cannot delete posts. When trying to do so,...


10:52 PM Bug #1621: Mobile login at returns 404
This is the mobile login page I get on android when I tap login from the main page:
10:47 PM Bug #1621 (New): Mobile login at returns 404
Trying to log in to on mobile returns a 404 error and does not log me into my account.
Th URL that is mi...


01:23 PM Bug #1620 (Closed): users cannot change their email
probably collateral damage of the rails 4 transition cpg


06:56 AM Bug #1613 (Closed): Team page is incomplete
04:13 PM Bug #1613 (Feedback): Team page is incomplete
should be fixed now. please verify and set to closed. cpg
05:19 PM Bug #1619 (Assigned): My Apps Broken
The wizard comes up and works. However when you click create, it breaks and displays the "Page not found" error. bigfoot65


03:47 PM Bug #1619 (Feedback): My Apps Broken
should be fixed now, though the counter is zero. something is not right.
verify and send back to me as assigned, n...
02:49 PM Bug #1619 (Closed): My Apps Broken
When logged into, I cannot access the My Apps page ( I get the followin... bigfoot65
07:29 PM Bug #1618 (Closed): App Suggest
is not working. Tried to submit one and it would not work. I am using FireFox 35.0. bigfoot65


05:32 PM Bug #1617 (New): nice troubleshooter from google
very linear in nature, but it could be interesting to do something inspired on this troubleshooter
05:13 PM Feature #1616: PlexConnect for Amahi
Will take a look and see what we can do. At a glance, potentially there will be conflicts with Amahi. It uses it's ... bigfoot65


01:32 PM Feature #1616 (New): PlexConnect for Amahi
PlexConnect allows all the Apple TV clients to access without a jailbreak... nagybal

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