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12:27 PM apps Bug #238: coolsmile
os: F10
Java: assumed so, at bottom left text said "applet started"
java is installed and up to date
11:37 AM apps Bug #238 (Closed): coolsmile
App will start but then goes to a blue screen with nothing on it. I can see the layout for a few seconds before it go...
11:17 AM apps Bug #237: egroupware
Was able to finally get it working after un-installing and reinstalling a couple of time


02:52 PM apps Bug #237 (Closed): egroupware
Installed repository, installed app. when clicked to start up, firefox could not find the address and the server was ...
02:05 PM apps Bug #235 (Closed): Badger
The password "badger" as stated in the HDA dashboard does not work. Used "admin" as a password and I was able to logon


07:08 PM new apps Bug #189: Service temporarily unavailable
I have un-installed and re-installed, subsonic is not working at all. Goes to a firefox error, address not found. Tri...


03:30 PM new apps Bug #189 (Closed): Service temporarily unavailable
see attached screenshot, access and error log. I have been getting a 503 Service temporarily unavailable error from a...


06:08 PM new apps Feature #169: portaNEO
I also got sent to that url and got the 404 error


04:07 PM apps Bug #159: opendb
after updating as advised by gmw, app was reinstalled and started with the correct page. Uninstalled and reinstalled ...
03:34 PM apps Bug #159 (Closed): opendb
When clicking on http://opendb in the HDA app page, it sends me to / index instead of app. see screen shot. I uninsta...

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