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03:09 PM greyhole Bug #663: Data loss across pooled shared
If I recall this is a bug more so with the NTFS drivers for linux, which has a hard time managing large files. Have y...


05:54 PM ubuntu Feature #545 (Closed): Merge with main project tree
We need to merge with the main Amahi tree before we get much further. Solve app install bugs and then begin work on m...


09:05 AM ubuntu Bug #544 (Closed): hda-create-server needs update
hda-create-server uses init.d scripts that are Fedora-formatted; these need to be replaced with metainit-style script...


04:40 PM ubuntu Bug #540 (Closed): debian packaging non-standard
Uploaded to launchpad and made sure new standard packaging (with a few changes to anzenketh's code) meets the standar...


11:59 AM ubuntu Bug #540 (Closed): debian packaging non-standard
went away from the scripts since I kept getting cryptic errors with dpkg. Need to return to anzenketh's debs and go f...
02:00 AM ubuntu Bug #538 (Closed): install-app doesn't work
reports a 404: File Not Found when attempting to get a handle from Apache.
01:42 AM ubuntu Bug #537 (Assigned): dns doesn't always work
01:42 AM ubuntu Bug #537 (Closed): dns doesn't always work
cpg reported that he was unable to get into the platform via the http://hda on his virtual machine. He also said that...


01:14 AM ubuntu Bug #483 (Resolved): Ubuntu hdactl packaging may be missing some required dependencies
All dependencies appear to be satified!
01:13 AM ubuntu Bug #487 (Resolved): platform's debian control file may be missing some dependencies.
All dependencies appear to be satisfied!

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