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12:03 PM platform Feature #746: Localized names of shares
*cpg*, my hda-platform was updated to version 5.6.59-1 since I've noticed your post.
Nevertheless nothing changed ...
11:28 AM platform Bug #759 (New): Improper values in storage tab with Russian translation
The Storage tab shows improper values of the space on the partitions when Russian translation is used.
See screens...


01:56 AM platform Feature #746: Localized names of shares
cpg wrote:
> great.
> we do not seem to figure out how to create (or if it's even possible) to have usernames o...
01:49 AM platform Bug #749: Entering international character as first character of share name results in looping JS...
After installing proposed rpm from bug 746 -
01:33 AM platform Feature #746: Localized names of shares
> * create a share with non-special names and paths with special chars
I've tried this and also I've tried to create...


04:23 AM platform Feature #746: Localized names of shares
Thanks cpg! I've installed your rpm and what's happened:
Now I'm able to create Russian share name as follows:
01:43 AM platform Feature #746 (Assigned): Localized names of shares
Samba supports localized names of shares (e.g. Russian), so it would be good to have the possibility to use them in A...


02:03 PM platform Bug #680: Stopping Amahi Dynamic DNS Updater stops hdactl and thus //hda/setup
I have exactly the same issue.
Neither http://hda nor http://hda/setup work after stopping Amahi Dynamic DNS Updat...


11:41 AM translations Feature #687 (Assigned): Wrong line "Translation missing" in monit config files
After installing Transmission and AmahiTunes the monit daemon failed to start with message about error in config file...

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