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08:40 AM Amahi Anywhere Feature #2262 (New): Add a way to indicate the content of the share
This should help with the android tv application. This is how I imagine it:
We need a way in the backend to indica...


06:53 AM Amahi Anywhere Bug #2212: build standalone server for those interested in testing
We should probably consider vagrant. This way we can provide a consistent test server.


11:58 AM pluto Bug #2014: app closes when playing video under android 6
I remember it was crashing for me as well for some files. Did you try some from the "Welcome to Amahi" videos? Unfort...


12:51 PM pluto Bug #2014: app closes when playing video under android 6
I don't know what version you used to build the current release, but if you used the master I updated the sdk version...
12:14 PM pluto Bug #2014: app closes when playing video under android 6
The app is not supported on Android 6 yet. I don't know why is even possible to install it. You should check the Goog...


12:18 PM pluto Bug #1779: some users reporting they cannot login
The only reason I can think of for the apps appearing and disappearing shortly after is if you are connected through ...


07:18 PM platform Bug #1662: Amahi 7 to Amahi 8 update issues
Here is my experience:
1. Install amahi 7.1 using express cd in a vbox using bridged network
2. disable dhcp server...


04:28 PM pluto Bug #1660 (New): Proxy fails after one song
When using the android app remotely to listen to all the audio files in a certain folder, the music stops playing aft...


07:29 PM pluto Bug #1644 (Closed): Sign out not working on 1.4.0
Sign out is not working as expected on the latest update.


06:56 AM website Bug #1613 (Closed): Team page is incomplete

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