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07:41 AM website Feature #2293 (New): Need to be able to specify netmask
When building a new HDA you should be able to specify a netmask. Although not very common, it is possible that a use...


01:30 PM platform Feature #2288 (New): Ability to specify NIC to use during HDA setup routine
It would be nice to be able to specify the NIC Amahi should use during the HDA setup routine. For advanced use cases...


02:25 PM amahi 8 platform Bug #1584: Partitions info page shows all mounts
bigfoot65 wrote:
> This bug addressed the issue and potential solution with Disk Stats plugin. It would also apply ...
11:31 AM amahi 8 platform Bug #1584 (Closed): Partitions info page shows all mounts
Currently the partitions info page shows all mounts, even samba mounts from the hda (using the mount_shares_locally s...


05:45 PM platform Bug #983 (New): NFS Mounts
Currently, the Amahi dashboard doesn't list anything for NFS mounts. Doesn't list them under valid storage pool driv...


04:12 PM platform Bug #966: Samba Tranfer Rate Performance
Tested on Windows 8 client using LAN Speed Test (Lite) ( with 10GB file size
03:59 PM platform Bug #974: Dashboard lists drives out of numerical order
What order are then listed in your /etc/fstab? Mine are listed in numerical order in both places you say they are ou...


04:13 PM apps Bug #970: Transmission
Works great now.


07:29 AM apps Bug #970 (Closed): Transmission
The Ubuntu version of Transmission does not automatically add torrents placed in the torrents share. It needs "--aut...


03:28 PM ubuntu Bug #931: Static IP Address
I did the following
# Set static IP in control panel
# Rebooted HDA
# Set PBX to use DHCP
# Rebooted PBX
# Saw t...

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