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11:26 PM platform Bug #881 (New): HDA Web Interface shows wrong value for free space
I noticed last week, that the Disk free Chart of Amahi shows wrong values (see the screenshots). The web Frontend sho...


12:52 AM platform Feature #796 (New): Web Switch
At moment only a few apps are designed to be Reachable over Web out of the Box. The apps can be manually made reachab...


10:58 PM apps Bug #782: utorrent, save location
It seems like he is resetting the Password back to default (blank) i don't know if this is because of a Update or a R...


02:15 AM apps Bug #782 (Closed): utorrent, save location
On my Amahi 6 box I installed utorrent. First i wondered where utorrent is saving the files (its /var/hda/web-apps/ut...


08:15 AM platform Bug #744: F14 Aliases not Working
Found the bug, I enabled IPv6 at the router and win began to send all over IPv6 per default, and got first answer fro...
11:10 PM platform Bug #744 (Closed): F14 Aliases not Working
I got the following problem
If I try to open http://hda I get the response that this domain is not on this server....


09:30 AM platform Bug #730 (Closed): Greyhole Installation on F14 not working right
I got a few problems with Greyhole today and together with gbroudeau from greyhole i found out that the install Scrip...


02:19 AM platform Feature #722: Show HD Usage of the shares
I came together with sabat to the idea that it can be done by running a script at a fixed interval (like 11pm) that s...


04:13 AM platform Feature #722 (New): Show HD Usage of the shares
At moment you can see the total HDD usage of the whole system only. I would like to see the size of every share for i...

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