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05:22 AM plex Feature #2419: Plex upgrade to version
cpg wrote:
> Hi, please help test this rpm. You doo @mattman.
> It is important that you do just this, without ...


02:22 PM apps Bug #2019 (Closed): owncloud on F23
I'm really sorry not sure why I was installing Owncloud 5 but I have just install version 8 thanks Bigfoot65.
01:45 PM apps Bug #2019 (Closed): owncloud on F23
I have tried to install owncloud on F23/Amahi 9, but I'm getting this error.


07:32 AM platform Bug #1902: disk_wizards
I have two drives and they both error in the same way, after mounting them manually it kept giving me a device in /de...
02:41 AM platform Bug #1902: disk_wizards
I have discovered that the drive I was trying to add was marked as a raid drive, once I removed the raid part I could...
02:37 AM platform Bug #1903: Disk Wizard add new disk error
please find sysinfo from my system.
One thing I did come across...


12:27 PM platform Bug #1903 (Feedback): Disk Wizard add new disk error
Using Disk wizard to add a 500GB disk with no partitions added, I get this error.
#<RuntimeError: Unable to find p...
12:16 PM platform Bug #1902 (Closed): disk_wizards
After trying to add a 500gb SATA HDD I getting this error on selecting format disk, if I select entire disk there is ...


06:24 AM apps Bug #1734 (Closed): amahi-plex
Amahi-plex web ui is running and I can update libraries but when I try to play a video it reports back 'There was a p...


05:04 AM disk wizard plugin Bug #1537: disk wizard allowing system drive to be changed / formated.
Hi Tmkasun
Yes, the suggest sounds like a good idea not showing any mounted partition also yes I agree in that there...

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