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11:05 PM platform Bug #2250: running a php5-only app under container
actually I suggested phpinfo, not phpsysinfo; rationale was that that will also give info on the php installation


12:22 AM amahi 8 platform Bug #1637: Cannot Delete 1st Admin User (ARM)
I will check if the rpm tools are installed.
This image was started using the Fedora Minimal image.
It might also b...


01:24 AM amahi 8 platform Bug #1637: Cannot Delete 1st Admin User (ARM)
Thanks for reporting and digging into this.
This is probably due to the way I created the image.
I think I can ex...


01:01 PM platform Bug #1633 (New): the disks tab does not show all disks
In the control panel under the disks tab the following are not shown:
- usb disks (hard disk or thumb drive)
- SDHC...


07:06 AM ubuntu Bug #942: monit
no idea yet what is wrong. installed crashplan and openvpn but I do not get a high monit load.
crashplan settings ar...
06:05 AM ubuntu Bug #931: Static IP Address
smccloud wrote:
> cpg wrote:
> > We have released an update that should fix this problem. Please update (or let it ...
02:10 AM platform Bug #960: Admin and mysql logins in /etc/passwd have three commas in their name
Not sure whether we should change this.
users are created with the standard adduser script.
This script prompts f...


11:15 PM ubuntu Bug #942: monit
Thanks for the report
due to some other issues I did not have time to further look into this, but I'll pick it up a....
11:12 PM ubuntu Bug #962: NTP Not installed....
we should add ntpdate to the list of packages to install initally
left it as assigned to cpg, but time permitting I'...


11:44 PM plug Bug #761: remove rpmfusion feeds
Thanks for bringing this back to my attention.
I don't think this is too relevant any more. This was for plug. Guess...

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