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01:12 AM platform Feature #1094 (New): Basic protection against SSH brute force attacks
With more and more people installing Amahi and some being quite novice we have more and more Amahis exposed to the in...


01:38 PM platform Bug #1071: monit process consumes a lot of cpu
cpg wrote:
> I think yours are valid points, however, it should be considered a serious bug in monit that it uses so...
04:42 AM platform Bug #1071: monit process consumes a lot of cpu
I might have stumbled onto the reason monit consumes so much cpu.
Servers created on HDA seems to use monit for the ...


06:29 AM platform Bug #1071 (Assigned): monit process consumes a lot of cpu
The monit process on F19 Amahi 7 consumes a lof of cpu cylces making the entire system sluggish.
Running _top_ I f...


10:50 AM apps Bug #918: Plex Media Server - install
I have had issues with proxy not working before and have always had to use a _redirect_ at home even if cpg has said ...


02:16 AM website Feature #862 (Assigned): Add option to select specific testers for an application
Add a input box in the app settings where you can add usernames, just like you do collaborators, for users who should...


04:20 AM platform Feature #861 (New): Option to enable AIO for Samba in GUI
Enabling AIO in Samba can speed up the connections in a big way.
In my wired gigabit network I got an increase from...

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