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05:09 PM platform Feature #2376: Set reserved for root on \
bigfoot65 wrote:
> Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this task?
> I was not aware you could set ...
05:04 PM platform Feature #2378 (Closed): Standard partition over LVM during install


01:14 PM apps Feature #2393 (New): SABnzbd 2.3.9 is out
SABnzbd needs updating to 2.3.9 as new version is out


09:03 AM plugins Bug #2388 (New): Yum update
Hey guys,
When I run yum update, I see an issue w/ greyhole.
package amahi-greyhole-0.10.15-2.x86_64 requires p...


07:35 AM platform Bug #2387 (New): User accounts for applications
Currently it seems that many applications are running under apache.
This gives the apache user quite a swathe of p...


05:52 PM plex Feature #2386: Plex upgrade to
bigfoot65 wrote:
> Upgrade what?
> You need to specify the app.
Ah sorry! Thought I did! Edited for clarity....


06:49 AM plex Feature #2386 (Closed): Plex upgrade to
New version has come out with significant updates to the transcoder.
Version is now out of the beta ch...


11:21 AM platform Bug #2385 (Closed): Issue starting sonarr
Resolved by editing alternative config file in sonarr home directory
11:12 AM platform Bug #2385: Issue starting sonarr
Interesting thing I'm noting:
If I run the process manually, I get the following:
[Info] OwinHostController: L...
03:07 AM platform Bug #2385: Issue starting sonarr
If I uninstall Sonarr from amahi, and install it myself, I'm now getting the following error:
sonarr.service - ...

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