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12:54 PM pluto Bug #1534: remote mode does not work in metadata-integration branch
Works fine for me, cannot reproduce. Tried to clear cache and everything—still works as expected.


02:50 PM pluto Feature #1212: Dark UI setting
OK, release it, but probably do it from the branch, without merging it.
Try it again, I merged only master before.
01:57 PM pluto Feature #1212: Dark UI setting
Background for tablets is fixed.
The crash is clearly not related to this issue at all. Please open a new one with...
05:30 AM pluto Feature #1212 (Feedback): Dark UI setting
Since the theme switching is not as simple as it should be, the dark theme was set as primary and only at the @theme-...


01:51 PM pluto Bug #1390 (Closed): Video Flickering / Blinking
As the official VLC app has the same troubles—it is an upstream issue. As far I can see, there were no reports regard...


01:37 PM pluto Bug #1522 (Feedback): null pointer exception in serverFilesResponse
"Added a check": Would like to check...
12:43 PM pluto Bug #1486 (Feedback): cannot open picture
Check the @fix-image-loading@ branch. Resizing was initial troublemaker, should be better now.


04:13 AM pluto Bug #1521 (Feedback): ServerClient exception
"Added check":
03:04 AM pluto Bug #1485 (Closed): design feedback on album art
03:03 AM pluto Bug #1486: cannot open picture
Transformation you suggest is basically resizing. And not the best one actually. Can you provide an example of pictur...

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