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05:03 PM plug Bug #608 (New): Further memory/process optimization for plug devices
I noticed a service that may not be necessary for these plug devices with Amahi on them.
A processes called cfg80211...


11:37 AM plug Bug #601: Kernel panic booting amahi
I will try again and sort it out. I also have problems with boot stopping after decompressing the kernel. I attached ...


12:26 AM plug Bug #601 (Closed): Kernel panic booting amahi
I installed amahi-marvell-0.9.tar.bz2 to my flash drive with and while booting it the s...


12:32 AM apps Bug #302 (Closed): Ajaxterm has a error during uninstall
The Ajaxterm app has a error during the uninstall. This shows in the /var/log/amahi-apps-install.log...


01:35 PM apps Bug #301 (Closed): Editing a webapps name is broken
When you change a webapps name it updates the config in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ but not in /var/named/dynamic/hda-n2a.conf...
01:32 PM apps Feature #300 (New): Allow adding secondary dns names to apps
It would be nice to be able to add alias's to an apps dns name.
For example: add an http://ssh.home.local alias to h...
01:28 PM apps Bug #299 (Closed): change hostnames to long domains in webapps tab

The links to apps are still in the hostname format on this page -> http://hda/setup?sub=2&tab=apps
They should be ...


02:18 PM apps Bug #229: Transmission Inspector - Activity
This issue has been fixed in newer versions of transmission. when the transmission package gets updated this will not...


09:30 PM platform Bug #289 (Closed): change the samba workgroup easily
There should be a way to change the samba workgroup easier than it is currently.


09:23 AM apps Feature #272 (New): Feature Request: Myth TV
"MythTV": Backend with "MythWeb":
Potentially a frontend c...

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