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02:25 PM platform Feature #2434 (Feedback): Docker Container support for Amahi server
I been thinking about add docker support to Amahi server this weekend,it would great to add docker containers functio...


04:09 PM apps Bug #948 (Closed): Purchased Apps
Ubuntu is unsupported anymore and this is an old tracker issue so it being closed
04:06 PM apps Bug #1649 (Closed): Issues with Emby packaging
this is an old Tracker issue for Emby, I have update the Emby to the newer version and have tested it working great
04:00 PM plex Feature #2419: Plex upgrade to version
I have just updated my Amahi Plex app and just had restart the plex service for the update to take effect, this would...


12:45 PM new apps Feature #2420 (New): Create a backup and restore function amahi
Create a backup and restore function for the Amahi Server (Idea is to backup the of the setting like the shares, path...


04:37 PM platform Feature #2418: Muilt Amahi servers on the same network
it would be nice to be able to run multi servers on the same network, I know we can do this but not very easy and sho...
04:19 PM platform Feature #2418 (New): Muilt Amahi servers on the same network
I would like to be able to run to the Amahi server on the same network,


11:28 AM disk wizard plugin Bug #2395: Disk Wizard Error
I have been working on my second Amahi server today as I wanted to change the drives around, so I can have the OS on ...
04:19 AM website Support #224 (Closed): tester access
This is over ten old-time to closed it
02:10 AM platform Bug #2417 (New): Amahi Dashboard show old news
the Amahi Dashboard latest News is from 2 years ago and it makes the Amahi project look like not supported anymore, I...

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