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02:00 PM plex Bug #1942: Plex Update Version required
cpg wrote:
> released, please try, same as usual: do not reinstall the app, just do the rpm co...


07:48 AM website Bug #1829: HDA Profile Delete Prompt
bigfoot65 wrote:
> This is from a user:
> [...]
> Once this is done, it's not recoverable unless support can r...
07:46 AM website Bug #2013: some issues with unetbootin and such -- amahi 9
cpg wrote:
> one user seemed to have issued booting on newer hardware.
> the error was that fedora 23 would dro...


11:30 AM apps Bug #1870: Issue with AmahiSync
I recreated the profile last time I installed as I was having a weird situation where it wasn't using correct IP addr...


04:07 PM platform Bug #1917: Disk Wizard Mount Location
I made this change manually on my system - if you need any data from it please let me know.
04:00 PM apps Bug #1870: Issue with AmahiSync
I am having same issue - I did rebuild several times in past few months.
Tail results:
[root@hda ~]# tail /var/...

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