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01:21 PM apps Bug #441: scanner server cannot see my scanner
Those don't look like the problems... can you open a terminal window, and type
and paste the...


07:54 PM platform Feature #305: Captive portal
cpg - it's a little different. This request would intercept web requests from people, and require them to authenticat...


08:00 AM installer Bug #368 (Closed): amahi-installer in F12 beta
The force (-f) option doesn't work with amahi-installer - even when invoked with that option, the web interface says ...


07:30 PM new apps Feature #269 (Closed): Package Suggestion: Scanner Server
Package is now in beta, and waiting for testers to review it.


12:15 AM apps Feature #260: Get application version from file.
As far as having a way to get the version info, since the app packager fills that in for each app, couldn't the insta...
12:10 AM platform Bug #294 (Closed): hdactl hanging
After creating a new web-app (to work on app packaging), hdactl apparently stopped responding, as the web-app was not...


02:17 PM new apps Bug #293 (Closed): WebChess "Your Links" link in upper right
Clicking on the "Your Links" in the upper right of Webchess gives a 404 "File Not Found" error. Not a huge deal, but ...
12:14 PM new apps Bug #290: phpMan install?
All it says is this:...


01:22 PM new apps Bug #290: phpMan install?
Strange..... when I reinstall the package, it works fine.
12:51 PM new apps Bug #290 (Closed): phpMan install?
After installing the phpMan app, I get the Apache test page. When I open the /var/hda/web-apps/phpman/html directory,...

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