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02:01 AM platform Feature #337: Restrict DNS A records to DHCP lease addresses and provide for static entries
A-records yes, but you may want to leeve alone the c-name-records, to be able to support external services like goo...
01:43 AM platform Feature #211: Stop hardcoding interfaces and IPs and just hardcode the FQDN
*Should be implemented before 5.4*
this will also affecte,
features depending: proxy support, amahi as a r...
01:33 AM apps Bug #237 (Feedback): egroupware
priority changed to low,
due to, no error description,
if a bugg report is not reproduceble, it cant be invest...


02:47 AM apps Feature #165: Add toolbar frame above web apps with links to HDA tools for that app
a problem with frames is that not all webrowsers render frame-sets the same way,
therefor frames have be depreciate...


04:03 PM website Feature #359 (New): amahi 6: virtuall server module
i have stubled upon some valualable info about the abillity of running a virtual service from amahi - with a bit of...


02:21 PM website Feature #195: allowing local links in firefox
should be possible yes, building a firefox extention that changes a few things shouldn't be to hard i think...
05:51 PM platform Feature #310: easily customizeable user "home page" modeled after Google Sites
to direct to some kind of solucion - we should be looking at anny kind of portal app, that is well supported, and has...
05:37 PM website Feature #195: allowing local links in firefox
As im familiar with this matter and firefox in general i would suggest that people should NOT install the plugin. it...

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