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SemanticScuttle is a open-source social bookmarking web application allowing advanced tagging features.

A social bookmarking tool like allows users to collectively bookmark webpages indexing them with tags (i.e. terms freely chosen). Some of the greatest advantages of tagging systems are they are easy to use, they quickly create a lot of metadata about webpages, they are really efficient to find popular pages about a subject on the web.

  • Store all your favourite links in one place, accessible from anywhere.
  • Share your bookmarks with everyone, with friends on your watchlist or just keep them private.
  • Tag your bookmarks with as many labels as you want, instead of wrestling with folders.
Home Page SemanticScuttle
Version 0.98.3
Contributor bigfoot65
Updated almost 8 years ago
Tags bookmarks, favorite, social, share links, url
  • Fedora 14 Ubuntu 12.04
  • Fedora 19 Fedora 21
  • Fedora 23 Fedora 25
  • Fedora 27 Fedora 38

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