Do you charge for apps?

Yes. As Amahi became more and more popular, we brainstormed and asked the community how to get Amahi supported in a way that works for all.

Eventually we decided to put more effort behind Amahi and embark in effort to make Amahi more successful and reach farther. We decided to offer services that the community requested and charge for them. These in addition to the free services we have offered for a long time (VPN, dynamic DNS, server alerts and more).

After a lot of discussion with the community we also decided to make a few apps available in the Amahi App Store for a small one-click install convenience fee.

The expectation is that at any time, about 2/3rds of the apps will not have this one-click install fee, and the others would have it. As for the fee, we asked and what emerged was that people felt happy to go for something like $99c to a few dollars.

This fee is not paying for the app code, but for the distribution, maintenance and the support we provide for it, from the forums to email. It's for all the work that goes on to make it all available in something as simple as one click.

Some of the apps are open source or free. Some users question is this is OK for open source apps. It not only is OK, it's encouraged by the Free Software Foundation. See this article about selling free software. The whole point is that we do not restrict any user's freedom, but enhance the experience of using open source and free software.

Updated over 3 years ago

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