I cannot sign up -- I'm told I may be a spammer!?

It's possible the system we use to detect spammers is erroneously flagging your system for spamming. This happens to less than 0.5% of our prospective users. Here are some possible reasons:

1) Perhaps you are using a system that has a virus in it that is sending or has sent spam previously, probably unbeknownst to you. Or it could be part of a spam bot army.

2) Another possibility is if you are connecting from a network that uses a proxy or a VPN and someone in that same proxy/VPN was identified as sending spam (hence the proxy/VPN is labeled as a spammer). Try another connection.

3) Yet another possibility is that you are using a shared computer that has been identified in the past as a source of spamming.

Contact support (at this domain) to indicate this and we will sign you up right away. Apologies.

Updated over 1 year ago

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