Privacy: Does Amahi have any connections to the internals of my network?

Amahi does not have any "connection to the internals of your network." Amahi does not know what files you have in your system or any way to find out. The only way to "get inside" your network is via VPN, or ssh (assuming you open and forward the proper ports). That is access-controlled by the users you have created in your system.

Amahi is open source. You or anyone else can check the code in the system for any holes or any other bad behavior. There is an element of trust. We all place some trust in Fedora and RedHat when we run their software (and soon on Ubuntu/Canonical and Debian).

As well, we place trust further upstream in the open source community at large, which has built a very large portion of all Amahi and Fedora systems. The people in our contributor team are selected with care and we have a review process for the apps that come to Amahi, using a "pristine source" approach, with peer reviews from our testmasters, even being open source, to make sure there is no break in the chain of trust.

When you get closed source software you inherently trust the vendor of the software, even when they do not provide the source.

The goal of Amahi is "making home networking simple." Amahi is an unconventional "distro," with a different philosophy and a goal to make it easier to deply and use than regular distros. The core team would like nothing more than make Amahi self-sustaining and thrive. That cannot be done without trust from our users. If we attempted to break that trust would mean the end of Amahi.

The updates you get from Amahi and Fedora are open source as well and can be disabled if you want to. Our philosophy is that "it's your box, it's your network," and we just make it easy to control that.

Bugs and security issues happen. We do pay attention to those as a high priority (we did that when there were some DNS urgent issue a long while ago, where we reacted faster than even Fedora). This happens in any software.

In terms of sharing information in the server, we're very privacy conscious. You can see the privacy policy from the web site, taken from the fine folks at Wordpress, who we trust. However, note that we do not have any way to even know what's in your server. We have talked about the possibility of providing backups of some shares. If we do this, it will probably be done in an encrypted way, as we cannot really sustain any liability for any potential loss of your data.

Updated over 7 years ago

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