What does Amahi mean?

Amahi does not mean anything today.

However, we did check out other uses ...

There is a remote village in Northern India called Amahi. Not much else is known about it.

Also, there was an ancient tale where an emperor's son was offered two women in marriage, a beautiful woman, named Amahi, and her sister.

He chose the beautiful one, Amahi.

The person offering then said he should have kept both!

The not-so-beautiful sister was to be a longer-living woman while the beautiful one was to be short lived.

As the ancient analogy goes, ... the beautiful sister was just like flowers on trees, beautiful, with a short life. The other sister, like branches on a tree, though not so beautiful, was practical and long-lived.

There is also a theory that Amahi could have meant sweet (甘い, — "amai" phonetically) in ancient Japanese.

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