What's the ideal configuration for a system that will NOT use Greyhole mirroring?

With no Greyhole mirroring, the choice of drives and partitions for handling your data storage is entirely up to you, but consider these points ...

  • If you ever intend on using greyhole, you should mount shares within the /var/hda/files directory. Individual drives still benefit from being mapped as /var/hda/files/drives/drive00, /var/hda/files/drives/drive01, /var/hda/files/drives/drive02 etc..
  • If you decide against ever using greyhole, your storage drives/partitions may mount anywhere, but it's advised to follow as similar structure as above
  • Do not mount data storage within the OS drive mount points (/boot, swap, /, /home, etc)

Updated over 3 years ago

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